Monday, April 20, 2009

Shop till you drop!

Well, we survived Songkran, Thai New Year...aka Water Festival. People had the whole week's kinda like Christmas vacation back in the states but Thai style. Some go back to their hometown and visit family. Other consider it vacation time. But those who stay in the city...boy do they party. They spend 3 days throwing water at each other and everyone else who passes by and I mean everyone. The highlight of it all was that there was not much traffic ...which is very rare for Bangkok...but nice. It felt like a Sunday everyday!!!

So, what to do with some days off? Act like tourist with our guest, remember, Amanda and Frank. Off to the Floating Market. I like to shop but this is a totally different experience. You grab one of the boats..and trust me there are many...and just ride along the river back and forth and SHOP till you drop or till you run out of Baht. I controlled myself though, which was not too easy. The only thing we bought was some sticky rice with mango which is irresistible, Amanda would agree and you all know Jeff never says "No" to food. You can buy souvenirs, clothes, food, vegetables, fruits and anything you could think of. This is the cool part, if you like something you see, just signal your boat driver, he maneuvers his way through, the owner of the shop gets his long stick with a hook on the end, grabs on to your boat and pulls you in...isn't that neat. But remember "keep all hands inside the boat at all times"...seriously!

Let the bargaining begin...


-the kids said...

Ahhhh the fruit looks amazing! CAN'T WAIT!

Frank said...

That cool hat I bought, I forgot it on a bus in Guang Zhou. Can you get me another?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time. Jeff, I love the mighty mouse T shirt!

Love from all in Lebanon PA.

Luis J.

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