Monday, December 29, 2008


In the words of Mario Brothers...."Here we go......" Well this is it....we leave in a couple of hours. Can't complain at all. We had such a wonderful week. Yes, we got a chance to attend the final book study. But we are missing the big bash....PARTY!!!!...on Sunday. Oh well....

We did get a chance to attend the pioneer meeting...guess where?

At the big house...Bethel. Wow! What a privilege. The brothers were so hospitable to us. We ate, we drank, we danced...ok forget the dancing part. It was really a great treat.

Remember that Cambodian family we spoke about. We did get a chance to go back and leave the Bible Teach book and the "Truth" tract. We checked up on them today. They were happy to see us. We were hesitant at first to take a picture with them but as soon as I mentioned it...Mom was fixing her hair in the mirror, rushing the kids together. They gave us their contact info and told us that when we get to South East Asia we MUST go to Cambodia and trust me my friends...we will...with Jehovah's help.

We're sitting here trying to accept the fact that after planning...having yard sales, getting rid of our belongings (still have 3 big suitcases, 1 medium, 1 small and 2 pieces of carry on each...oh boy That plane's gonna be heavy), fighting the fear of flying (did you know that a boeing 777 can fly without one of it's engines working...that's the little voice in my head that keeps me from screaming in panic) and the hardest...saying goodbye! Te queremos muchisimo Reyna, Isaac y Chris. I studied with a young man in the prison back in Pennsylvania. What a wonderful study. He really loves Jehovah. He had just become and unbaptized publisher with 4 bible studies in the prison. He even studied with a Ukrainian man. Despite neither knowing English they understood each other by using an English, Spanish and Ukrainian Bible. I miss him very much and cried after our last study together. I just heard he is being transferred to another prison. So I ask please pray for him. I hope to hear more good things in the future.

It's funny how things work out. PANIC!!!! What!!! A whole month in N.Y. ?!? But the words of Pro.16:3 is so true "Roll your works upon Jehovah himself and your plans will be firmly established". It's unbelievable, you plan something and Jehovah says "Wait....before you leave I need you to do one more thing". From my perspective, I felt a bit alienated from my family but I had the most wonderful moments with them here in NY. I had the opportunity to share my reasons to love and appreciate Jehovah. My first plan was to quickly say goodbye and that's that. But I got to fall in love with my family again. It incited my desire to help them return to Jehovah. Those who have the opportunity to read this blog who may have family not in the truth, remember...don't give up on them.

Melissa and I started this blog through the ideas of other wonderful brothers and sisters serving all over the world (by the way...they have been very encouraging). I guess, just like them, we'd like this blog to be a medium to those who are friends in the truth, to first laugh with us, cry with us, and that it may encourage them to give Jehovah all they've got. And to those who may not be Jehovah's Witnesses, show them that we, as Witnesses, struggle, love life...and have fun!!!

There is so much to say. Sometimes you feel you want to write it all on this one blog. But hey...what fun would that be for you guys since we want you to come back for more. By the way, Joel and Kelly, I know you'll sell the we'll see you in May.

There is a Danish Proverb that says: "Traveling is like dancing lessons with God." I hope we can keep up.

Metrocard, we'll miss you!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Stranded in NYC

Well here we are. It seems ironic that instead of seeing beautiful beaches, floating markets and Thai people...we're back where it all The Big Apple...the city of New York. Our plan was to be in Thailand by this time...leaving December 3rd. It seemed like everything was all set...sold all our belongings...including our car, resigned from our jobs, left Pennsylvania a week before to spend time with the family. It was a going a little too smooth. And here it comes...a few hours away from taking our flight...the airline calls and the airport in Thailand is CLOSED!!! Turns out the Thai people wanted the Prime Minister of The Kingdom of Thailand to be ousted again. Yes, they weren't happy with this one either. Our flight was changed to December month in New York. No home, no job...what were we to do...pray, pray, pray!!! Jehovah always blesses...our family took us in. They've been wonderful. We've actually gained a little weight from all the food they've given us.

We've had some great experiences. Met a Cambodian family...offered literature in Cambodian...this was our excuse to go to the Bethel in Brooklyn and walk the Brooklyn Bridge. Got back into Street basically anyone who would listen...spanish, vietnamese, cambodian, korean, chinese...we mean anyone.

We figured what's so wrong with being a tourist...

Stay tuned..more to come!!!