Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Jungle Book ... Tarzan... The Bronx Zoo... The Circus... These are some of the places I think of when I think of elephants or maybe they were the only places I could remember ever being exposed to these massive wonderful creatures. All I can say after spending a day with them was WOW!! but before we go into that let me explain how we got to this magnificent privilege to play jungle book.

As we explained in our last blog we have been very busy here in Thailand and when are we not your probably saying. But hey that's what we're doing staying busy. You know what they say 2 or 3 tasks a day keeps the devil away.( nothing against apples or dentists but thanks for the borrowed nursery rhyme reference) We got back from the southern part of Thailand to be greeted by another Thai assembly for the next weekend. We thought that maybe it would be a good chance to kick the shoes off and take in the breeze since we just enjoyed the program already. But to no avail I received a phone call to sign the opening song of the public talk after the intermission. AAAAAHHHH!!! As you can see I was just a little nervous. Well just enough to faint maybe once. What do I do? how do I prepare? I'll explain soon enough. Before the assembly we had our pioneer meeting ...which was very encouraging not because we knew Thai enough to understand but the fact that it was the first to be interpreted to sign. We have one deaf Japanese brother who is a pioneer with his wife and they are here serving as needgreaters.

What was most encouraging was the fact that with just one Deaf there all the effort was done to relay the encouraging information to him. Now I don't know if you understand me here BUT JUST ONE DEAF!!! You see Jehovah makes sure that everyone even if is just one gets the

opportunity to learn about him. So any of you who read this and are struggling in learning a new language because either you moved to serve in another country or in a foreign language group in your own territory. Don't give up!!! if you notice anyone in your territory who doesn't speak your language. Wouldn't it be awesome to learn their language even if it's just the greeting. The effort will be most definitely blessed. O.k enough of the soapbox speech. After that I was pumped now to prepare the song. With the help of A.S.L DVD, God's spirit ,I was on my way. The day of the assembly I was a wreck and when I got up to do the song My legs were shaking like leaves in the wind but all in all it went well.

Wow so much rambling I forgot about the elephants. We had guests over from another part of Asia, Frank and Mandy... so Meli and I decided to play tour guides and what fun we had with our guests. They were awesome and we'll miss them. We had a great opportunity to see many parts of Bangkok like the famous Floating Market...which I'll write more about later... and also some elephant trekking... which was the best part. As I said in the onset WOW what a wonderful animal. We truly fell in love with these magnificent beasts and I think Melissa wanted to take one home. We have still so much to write about so come back and visit and don't worry I told Melissa to take the elephant back.


Chad and Michele said...

Hey guys! WOW! The adventure never ends for you two, does it? What a privilege to feel needed and asked to move. You are both such an encouragement to us...Keep up the good work! And, Jeff, you should let Meli take an elephant home, it wouldn't be so bad, would it? haha
Keep the photos and stories coming...we LOVE them!

Mr M said...

Wow. I'm so jelous (did i spell that correctly?). But you know what they say: "Don't Hate,Participate!". Keep up the great work.

Ivan M

P.S. Heard there's a bit of civil unrest down there. Hope it doesn't affect you guys and your ministry. I'll keep you in my prayers!

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