Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Krabi??? let's catch up...we're a little behind...

Guess what? We received a phone call from the Branch Office..."there's a need in Krabi for sign language...are you willing to move?" That's where our trip began. It started with Surat Thani...just a few kilometers from Krabi. This is where the Circuit Assembly was being held that weekend. Hence, the reason for our trip..."to spy out the land".

Took the night train 10 hours to Surat 2 sisters at the train station and off to a Thai Sign Language Class...yes...still no sleep...but don't worry we're used to it...worked nights back home! Had an awesome class. Our teacher was great...Danish fellow! Learned about classifiers and practiced more signs. Off to the hotel ...eventually we needed some sleep!

Our first Thai Assembly...different experience. Met sooooo many need greaters from Finland, Sweden, Philippines, Hawaii, Canada, England, Australia and the list goes on. And for the Deaf, there were about 7 new ones. The rest of us were there for support. The sisters and brothers involved in interpreting the entire assembly did amazing. It did not look easy at all...but they were always smiling. Although we still do not understand much Thai yet, there is always this sense of comfortness when you are around your brothers and sisters...and that's what we felt.
Now as to moving? We've prayed long and hard. Had great discussions with others who have done the same...who have received that same call and who have needed to make that same decision. They all have seen many we finally decided to go for it!

It's gonna be an interesting year...but we still have to write about the memorial, our friends visiting, elephant trekking, floating markets, Songkran, Protesters, Thai Assembly in Bangkok, Jeff's first Thai Sign Language song...and much more.

By the way, we just got some good news: we've been invited to the international convention in Kenya. Let's hope, with Jehovah's willing, we can go.

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Anonymous said...

greetings from Germany. We're also going to Kenya. Have greatly enjoyed reading your blog. Keep up the good work and keep up writing. It's a great encouragement for us. Hope to meet you in Kenya.

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