Thursday, June 17, 2010

International Convention where?...... Kenya

Tea Plantations

Feeding African cows

Maasai garbs. Cool huh?

Dead tired from safari

The shirt say's tough guys wear pink

The huge need for Kingdom Halls. This is where our contributions to kingdom hall building does a whole lot of good.

Beautiful Mt. Kenya

bunch o cowboys or clowns

Fresh african fruit

and finally a cool video of the awesome convention we had in Africa. There is no doubt we are Jehovah's people I mean c'mon look at all that love.... well look out for a new post soon!! enjoy
p.s Elizabeth and Mark way to go in selling the house! see you in Ecuador!


Aggidio - JoAnn said...

Hey friends awesome pics and video! Thanks for sharing that little taste o' paradise with us!!!

Chad and Michele said...

Wow!!! What awesome privileges you guys have had! And what a crazy couple of years!!! Good for you guys...we are so proud of you! I LOVED the pictures of Jeff with the tall brothers! HILARIOUS!!!! You guys are so cute! Thanks for sharing!

sarah said...

Ciao Jeff and Meli! I am one of Damaris's friends! I read your blog too and it's very very inspiring as well! it helps motivate me to do more in the italian field (i'm currently regular pioneering with the Philadelphia Italian congregation) and serve Abroad the end of this year in Italy or in January! I visited Italy from March-June 2010 and this inspired me to go back and stay longer!!

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