Thursday, May 13, 2010

In a Nutshell...

Wow...the ride is just finished and we're back on it. Off to another world wind adventure and again we apologize for not blogging...Meli's computer has been sick for quite some time now and we've just been a little too busy. But let's try this again.
We left you off with our trip to Africa for the International Convention (Video in Progress). Our stopover in Egypt and returning to the states. I have to say that returning to the states was a good experience for us. Our family welcomed us with open arms. It was good to spend some time with familiar faces.

The Vietnamese Gang

Unfortunately, the economic situation back home wasn't great. So as for working, we didn't do much of it. But hey, that's how the cookie crumbles. Thanks to Jehovah, we were well taken care of.

We did take advantage and attended the Circuit and Special Day Assembly. We got to sing the new songs in languages we were familiar with and enjoyed visiting the Thai Group in New Jersey.

We even got to preach to Thais. I'll tell you how that happened: We met a young sister in one of the congregations we visited but never got a chance to exchange telephone numbers or emails. One morning Jeff and I, decided to do some street work around the Fordham Road area. Now anyone who has been to the Bronx knows how busy this area is. We were standing in a corner when we spot the same sister. She was very excited. She had been thinking of how to look for us because, of course, she didn't have any of our info. That very morning, she went door to door and met 5 different Thai families in one building.She gave us the info and we went the next day and Yep! there they were...Coinsidence...I think not! Angels at work. It's amazing the reaction you get from anyone when you actually say you've moved to their country and learned some of their language. Their eyes light up when we mention things they can relate to...for example...places, food....We also met Laotians, Cambodians, Vietnamese. So for those who can't serve where the need is great in another country, just pick any language. There's enough need great work to do in your hometown. But enough of the states because then I start to get homesick.

Now we're back in Thailand. First it was tough to get back into the swing of things. We started Thai classes..ouch! We also have been meeting more deaf in the community. One of the young ladies that attends the meeting regularly has signed up for the Theocratic Ministry School and is talking about being a publisher...she would actually be the first here in Krabi. We also traveled with our Japanese sister to one of the surrounding towns. We met one deaf family then 2 more then 3 more and by the time you knew it we ended up meeting a total of 13 deaf that day. We did invite many to the Memorial but that day it rained. Many of them only have motorbikes and it was difficult for them to go. But despite that, we had 6 deaf that showed up. And we're very happy to report that we just received 2 new Thai Sign Language DVD's..... So our work does pay off...thanks to Jehovah.

Now Jeff started focusing his attention to the Nepalese and Hindi people here. He also started Chinese about being busy.

Could you believe we've been here now for 2 months which meant Visa Run. We decided to head to Lao PDR. We traveled from, stay with me now, Krabi to Bangkok to Chiang Mai, where we heard the special talk, then to Chiang Rai to Chiang Khong to Huay Xiai(Lao) to Luang Namtha to Nong Kiew to Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng to Vietianne, seeing beautiful sights along the way, then back to Bangkok, for pioneer meeting and assembly, then finally to a matter of 3 weeks. Wow..that was a mouthful.

Lahu Hill Tribe Language

We had the opportunity of going to a Rehabilitation Center in Vietianne which had a deaf school so we got to meet many deaf children who were excited to see 2 foreigners using sign language. On our way back from Vietianne to Bangkok, we had another good backpack witnessing experience. We met a man from Cameroon, Africa. Jeff initiated a conversation with him. He asked us what we were doing in Thailand. Jeff explained to him that we are Jehovah's Witnesses. He stated how he used to study the Bible with the Witnesses but stopped. He did say that he liked the Witnesses because they never asked for money unlike other churches. He had many questions about Bible prophecies. For about an hour and a half, they discussed Daniel's prophecies. He mentioned that when he returns to Africa he would like to restart his studies again...we hope!

We did end up going to Bangkok for the Circuit Assembly. Now I told you we already went back in the states. But we usually go just for the encouragement. And let me tell you we needed it. Like I mentioned before, I have been dealing with homesickness and at times I thought I was going nuts. I literally felt like packing my stuff and booking my trip back to NY. Am I the only one who feels this way? NO...I spoke with other sisters at the Assembly going through the same thing. I honestly have to say that I received some good advice. And even so, just knowing others feel this way made me feel so much better. Thank you Alanna and Terry. By the way, we read many other blogs, especially Jeff who enjoys looking for them, so many we can't even list them, and let me tell you how encouraging and up building they have been. Keep it up guys! It helps us not to give up and see how things are moving and shaking with Jehovah's spirit in these last days.

Joaquin and Francesca...from Chile but trying
to start a Chinese Group in Bangkok

Peter and Fiona...missionaries from Hungary
w/ Tia from Australia

Me with some of the single ladies...
I'm sure most of you have been wondering about the situation in Bangkok. It has been tough for some of our brothers in Bangkok to get around but they are all safe. As for those outside of Bangkok, we're all doing well. It's obviously having an adverse affect on the economy here in Thailand. Based on the current news, it's gonna get worse before it gets better. Signs of the times and the severe need for God's Kingdom.

We'll keep you posted...and the ride continues!!!


Elizabeth NOT in Ecuador said...

Awesome Blog - great to catch up on all your comings and goings!
Saludos de Nueva Zelandia!

Elizabeth NOT in Ecuador said...

Awesome blog - great to catch up with all your comings and goings!
Saludos de Nueva Zelandia

Damaris said...

Thanks for the updates! Your experiences are really interesting and exciting. Keep em coming :) Also, great "chili" picture. I'm starting to daydream about eating my favorite foods from home.

AJ and Jordanne said...

It is so encouraging to hear about your continuing adventure, and to see how Jehovah is blessing you! Keep up the great work!!

Your sis,

Aggidio - JoAnn said...

We were wondering where you guys were! Great to hear from you again and what adventures you are up to. Keep it up - your awesome experiences are a big encouragement for all of us!!!

AJ and Jordanne said...

P.S. ~ Stay safe amid the turmoil...Jehovah will protect his people, and we keep you in our prayers!

kambelina said...

Hi there. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I have honestly never thought about traveling to Thailand, but, after reading this blog - I might have to add it into the mix. May Jehovah continue to use you as his fellow workers, and bless your efforts. Please tell the brothers and sisters there that we are thinking of them.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys this is Tashi (phuket)
I am back in texas but I have put my app in to learn ASL. When the class starts i will be joining the ASL cong. You guys had a lot to do with me joining. Glad to hear form you both take a hour for the beach for me I miss the thai beach sooooo bad

Chad and Michele said...

Hey guys! We've missed you! How nice that you were able to visit home...and experience the snow! YAY! I miss it (among so many other things)! It was great to see some familiar faces in the Vietnamese group and Lebanon...Keep up the good work! I think I have problems learning a 3rd many does that make for you guys? Eight? We are sooo not worthy...

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