Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Further South...

Visa run… back in November (yeah yeah...we're behind again)

Here we go …back on the saddle. But where to go… Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia look good. Twin Towers, call for prayer, Indian food, beaches, mixed cultures: Chinese, Malay, Indian. That’s Malaysia!
Security Cameras, Merlion, Theatre on the Bay, expensive and terrorist paranoia, near the point of getting arrested…we’ll explain later. That’s Singapore! As for Indonesia…nothing. Sit back, grab a cup o’ Joe and listen to the tale.

Malaysia…a beautiful country of mixed nationalities. We decided to take the train…well actually the bus to the train to another train to a ferry then back to a train. With a backpack strapped we went. In the last blog we talked about backpack witnessing. We’ve discovered in our past travels many other backpackers who travel extensively on month’s end and even years, usually never get a witness. So we’ve decided that as fellow backpackers we’ll do our part! We’ve had some great experiences. Just to tell one in a few…we met a young man on the train station who actually approached us. He asked where we were from. I told him we were in Thailand then explained why. He also mentioned he was Christian and was avidly reading the Bible. I asked him which part of the Bible he was reading. Guess what he said...the Book of Isaiah. So I asked “Do you understand it?” Guess what he said…you see where this is going…he said “I can’t understand it until someone explains it to me.” My jaw dropped, a modern day Ethiopian Eunuch in Malaysia. I gave him a track and explained to him that we give free home Bible Studies and left him our email and the Watchtowers website. Let’s see what he does with it.

Among our backpack witnessing we met missionaries from South Africa who after a Biblical discussion, looked at Melissa’s facebook page, on their own private time during their travel and were impressed at the videos from the District Conventions that Meli posted on her page.

Now back to the traveling…we arrived first at Butterworth. We had to wait a couple of hours till our train connection to Kuala Lumpur so we took a ferry into Penang in the mean time. We took a small tour on one of their free bus rides. We ended up in Little India. The food was awesome but we noticed how, of course being a foreigner, the waiter was trying to push us into being the most expensive meals. That changed quickly once we caught on and saw most people ordering from a particular buffet that was more than half the cost. The food was great. We then walked around for the next few hours and back on the ferry to the train. We reached KL in the morning where we made our way to a young couples house who is also doing need great work in the sign language field. What a privilege it was staying with them. There also lived 2 young fleshly sisters from Arizona. How awesome it was to hear their stories on how Jehovah has taken care of them and also the hard work that they are all doing in Jehovah’s service. We had the opportunity to attend the meeting with the Sign Language group. In Malaysia, American Sign Language is used. It’s awesome to see the growth in the English field, sign language field and surprisingly there was also a Nepalese group being started so the meeting was interpreted in three different languages. To our surprise, everyone from the sign group was going to Cameron Highlands…the northern part of Malaysia…to do seldom work territory, which left two rats to play. We were left the keys to the house for the next 3 days with a pool downstairs…only in Jehovah’s organization. We did enjoy touring the city…Petronas Towers, Central Market, Chinatown, Little India…after a cool time in KL, our travels continued.

A four hour bus drive to Melaka…where Bethel is located. We stayed there for two days.
The encouragement we received there was incredible. For a long time Malaysia had been having success in the English Field. Now their focusing on the Malay language. That meant many brothers and sisters serving in the English for years have packed their stuff and moved over to the Malay field…learning Malay language. Rock on for you guys!!! We know how it is!!!

After a good time in Melaka...which has many historical sites and great ambience, I say #1 place to visit in Malaysia.

Now we head off further south…to the squeaky clean, Singapore. What can I say? Let me explain. Remember I mentioned at the point of being arrested (we’re grateful to Lonely Planet for the warning of the security cameras). Meli and I were doing some sightseeing when we got lost. We were walking along the coast in this beautiful park when we noticed the pathway ended. We walked through a patch of grass trying to get out but there was this odd tunnel that was not on our map. So we decided to see if we could go through the tunnel to the other side. When suddenly I remembered about the security cameras that are found everywhere. So we turned around quickly but to our surprise we surrounded by transit police. Thinking we were terrorist they ordered us not to move. We immediately put our hands up. And explained that we were lost. After a brief interrogation, and charges dropped…we were escorted to to the city. So I guess it turned out great after all since we didn’t have to walk there. If you look at it that way. Way to go Singapore…

Now to Indonesia…or not. Nothing to write about because of some technicalities we never made it…sorry Tom, it hurt us not to go but next time Baby!!!

squeaky clean beautiful Singapore

Island off north Malaysia: Pedang

Quite a few things we learned on this adventure. 1. Backpack witnessing pays off. We found a fertile territory that makes our service much more fun. Find your nitch. Like Road trip witnessing, Gas station witnessing, truck stops, camping. Just pick up a backpack and get yourself moving and spread that seed. 2. The International Brotherhood…that’s exactly what it is. It’s incredible how a person who never met you before leaves their home, picks you up, takes care of you as if your family. Just that should impress to you the fact that we’re in the truth. 3. Things usually never work out as you plan so always be flexible and open to adjust as things fall on your lap.

Like always so much to write so little time. We'll post soon with pics on the International Convention in Kenya Africa and our first trip home back to the States. Love to all and Jehovah's blessings be with ya.


christineroux said...

Amazing !! Love reading all your adventures. Seems like yesterday we were in Vietnamese language class. Take care - Christine Roux

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to have found your blog! I recently took up backpacking but have not been able to find local backpackers who are Jehovah's Witnesses. I was hoping you could help me. I live in the Chicago land area. I am so encouraged that you're witnessing to fellow backpackers! It is an example I intend to follow.

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