Thursday, October 8, 2009

Where do we start? Well I guess with our 77th apology for not blogging any sooner. We have been worked to the gills these last few months since we last blogged. Let’s see since last time we came back from our preaching excursion in Phuket. We came back to a whole lot of activities to get us back on the roll of things. We had our Thai District Convention in Surat Thani .

At the Convention we were assigned a few songs to interpret during the program. Despite the fact that I’ve done one before. I was a wreck . Don’t ask me to do any life saving surgery cause I’ll be bloodguilty with the way my hands were shaking due to the nervousness. Now for Melissa it was a different story because it was her first one but she did great. It was also the baptismal song which made it more emotional.

On the topic of emotional what a convention huh?!? If the Governing Body wanted to stir the heart they did more than an awesome job. Oh the tears spilled over!!! We have been to three Conventions so far in three different languages and not a dry eye in the house. Now to get my boots shaking a little more The brother taking the lead for the Sign asked me to serve as Chairman during the program. I said what!!! As Celia Cruz would say my Thai isn’t very good looking!! What am I going to interpret? So I’m thinking to myself that I should have invested a little money on acting classes but thanks to Jehovah it went well. It was a busy Convention. And the Thai Sign Language in the South part of Thailand gets bigger everytime.

Next stop English Convention in Bangkok...I was given the privilege to work with the sound system along side some cool brothers.

Another privilege was extended...a demo in the Convention.

The English District convention was awesome...friends from all over Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Taiwan and other unmentionables. All of them chipping away in their respective territories. Many of them had encouraging stories. On how they learned the truth, how they continue in the truth despite opposition and how they're working in their foreign rock on!

Now one cool experience includes one Puerto Rican Deaf who is in Bangkok teaching Sign Language. It's an interesting story...his parents are in the truth in PR but he left when he was younger. He's here on a foreign exchange program where he met some of the deaf Bible Students in Bangkok. He was then invited to the District Convention. During the drama , he was able to watch it in American Sign Language, I noticed that he started crying so evidently it touched his heart! We hope it made an impact. All coincidence... I think not my friends.

Next... Another awesome event. Our first Thai Sign language book study. We have two Deaf girls who regurlaly attend the meetings. We use the Bible Stories book and thanks to Jehovah's help it was a success. One of the girls is progressing so well she now comments in the meeting with the hearing friends.We hope to see more Deaf come to enjoy this great provision from the Org.

We have lots to say.... preaching to Spanish in Bangkok. Nepalese, Hindi, English calls. Visitors from France, Finland and beyond. Trip to Malaysia, Singapore, initiating Backpack witnessing something I'll explain in our next blog. Our lost chance to enter Indonesia. Our trip to Africa and back to America. whoa!!! just thinking about it gets me dizzy! Pray for us and we hope everyone is safe and trudging away in your service to Jehovah in these momentous last days. Stay tuned there is more to come... but a little earlier this time I hope.

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