Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Still Traveling...

We have to apologize to all our readers…we haven’t had internet for quite some time now. It's taken me, literally, 4 days to post this blog...that's how slow the internet is here. So please forgive us for being lost the last couple of months but hopefully now were back so here goes.... Where did we leave off? Oh…ok. Let’s back track a little.
Krabi…what an experience. We were there for the last 2 weeks in May. There were about 3 deaf people coming to the meetings and no one at the moment was available to interpret. So guess what, Jeff did the best he could and started interpreting the Congregation Bible Study, Ministry School and Service Meeting and also, the songs…so I thought to myself..oh oh what did we get ourselves into. Those were the toughest 2 weeks we’ve had for a while. We did manage to get all our service time done for the month within those 2 weeks…wow! That was definitely a plus.
We were only there for 2 weeks…we were called on a teaching assignment back in Bangkok for the month of June. This was cool. We stayed with about 20 Koreans. They were being home schooled. These students were sent to Thailand from Korea to learn English. We were provided room and board for the month. Three meals a day plus 2 breaks in between. Teaching was from Monday through Friday 9am -3pm, so we were still able to preach and attend the meetings…no problem! For those of you who are familiar with Korean food…we had gimchi, gimchi and more gimchi. We were all “ gimchied out “ by the end of the contract.

Before heading back to Krabi, we headed up North to Nong Khai to help in a Kingdom Hall build. The final result would be a Kingdom Hall / Assembly Hall. It was very hard work but fun…needed a massage afterwards. We hopefully look forward to more projects in the future.

Then, of course, back to the real work…Krabi. We’ve met so many deaf here. Now to get them to the meetings is another story. The deaf community here is actually bigger than we thought. Most of them are already familiar with our work. It’s trying to get them motivated, that’s the hard part. So we have our work cut out for us. Now we have, regularly attending meetings, 1 deaf young lady. Her name is Nok…means “bird” in Thai. Besides that we’ve done a little sightseeing, mode of transportation:motorbike. We've seen beaches, temples ,elephants, monkeys, stairs…1,237 of them, which we found out equals to 100 floors…don’t ask!!!

In August we had the privilege of attending the District Convention in Japan…in Spanish. We were soooo excited. This definitely was an awesome Convention…but for those who haven’t attended yet…I won’t say a word!!! While in Japan, we took advantage and visited the Bethel in Ebina City, saw Tokyo, Kyoto. Felt three earthquakes and camped out at the beach with fireworks going off through the night.

We then headed off to Shimonoseki to take the overnight ferry to South Korea… thought we were going back so soon…Once in South Korea we visited Seoul and Busan.

We wanted to give thanks to the brothers who opened their doors to us. We met so many of you who are working hard in Jehovah’s service. It was such an encouragement to hear your life stories. Thank you. By the pictures you can tell we enjoyed our trip very much….

Let's see...what else? Our convention, here in Thailand is not until the first week of October. It’ll be held in the town of Surat Thani. We already started handing out the invites around town. We’re looking forward to seeing how many deaf show up. On Saturday, we attended a community meeting in town for the deaf…as spies…we were curious to find out really how many deaf there are here in Krabi…we counted about 40-50 not counting those who didn’t show up. There is so much territory to cover for Sign Language, Thai and even English. Just the other day, we met an Indian man who traveled more than 18 hours by land to get to Krabi. We’ve met Nepalese and Burmese too. Jeff, being one of the only Spanish speaking brothers in Thailand, was asked to start corresponding to three Hispanic prisoners. It’s been very emotional reading their experiences but thanks to Jehovah, a study has been started with them through letter writing. We pray that they become one of Jehovah’s servants in the future.

We have so much to talk about. So many things left out. Time is very limited. Few trips planned ahead. We have plans to head to Phuket to help the friends there search for Deaf and maybe to the beautiful island of Ko Phi-Phi for our 5th wedding anniversary!! We also, in Jehovah's willing, plan to head out further south to Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Oh, by the way, Jeff has his first Bible Reading in Thai on Saturday the 19th...Pray for him...please!!!

Till next time...I'll let you know how he did:)

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys,

Wow, What adventures! It looks like your "livin the dream". Good for you!

Were all ok here in Lebanon PA. (hey that rhymes!)

We just had our circuit assembly at Grantville. Over 1400 in attendance and 17 baptized. Our new D.O. is David Cardamone (italian, speaks Spanish) Has quite the sense of humor, which keeps you attentive.

Well, hope you're both well. Keep up the good work, be safe.

Your brothers and sisters from Lebanon,
care of- Luis Jusino

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