Saturday, May 16, 2009

Off to Krabi!!!

A wise person told me once that the only thing that's constant is ... change. Things are always moving, changing for the better and sometimes for the worse.Well how do we explain our change? As we mentioned in our earlier posting we were asked to move down to the southern part of Thailand to a place called Krabi to assist the Thai sign language field. Wow what mixed feelings we have... From the hearsay people tell us it's one the most beautiful parts of this country with beaches, mountains, the whole works. Which I'm sure is positive. Second there is such a big need for Sign down there with many Deaf roaming the streets but then have you ever felt this big gaping hole of sadness that grips you when you walk out of a place you fall in love with? You know it's not just the life of Bangkok the hustle and bustle it provided or the great food. Oh man how I loved the food!!! The noise. The BTS, The people. Ah that's right the people. Especially the ones Jehovah has rocked the nations for. The Bangkok sign group with almost 25 and growing with 3 new non baptised publishers was the gleam of our eyes.We are going to miss them so much!! Their zeal for Truth and their love for Jehovah is certainly contagious. We feel so undeservedly privilege to have been a part of them. But what a greater privilege has been extended to us to help in the in gathering of more precious ones before the end. I for the most part feel that I do not deserve this privilege. I thank everyone for all the support given to us and ask that you pray for us and to give Jehovah all you can before the race is up!!! But before I get to sappy and soft here we hope you enjoy some of the things we'll miss from Bangkok. There's more to come...keep your eyes and ears open!

Exercising in the park!!!

Mango and Sticky Rice

The music

The weirdness

The Heine Caps

The Parties

The funny fruits

The good times

The Friends

Our Steak Spot

Our ice cream spot

Preaching in Bangkok

but most of all...the Thai Sign Group


Chad and Michele said...

We understand your mixed feelings about the move..but Jehovah will certainly bless you for making yourselves available! Loved the photos and videos...we have that strange fruit here too! BIZARRE! And I have to say that you couldn't pay me enough money to exercise like that in public! haha Keep up the good are in our prayers..we hope you have a safe move! Can't wait to see more pictures! Love, us

Frank said...

Miss you guys, and hope you are adjusting to your new place. We are in the US for the next couple months, and will be trying to adjust to that. Keep in touch.

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