Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yes...we're still alive!!!

I always remember that when someone hasn't been at the hall for a long time, they have suggested to us not to say this remark...Ah! come on you know which one I'm talking about. You don't know? Ok, I'll tell you..."Where have you been???" Well I guess you can ask that about us. For starters, we need to find ourselves at the beach soon for some R & R. It has been tremendously busy since we've gotten here. From finding an apartment, to moving, to getting internet set up, to preaching, to learning Thai, and with a cherry on top...Thai Sign Language.

We've officially been here for a little over a month. It's been a struggle. Having learned as much Thai as expected. Life here in Thailand is BUSY!!! It's always moving. It's an adventure just trying to cross the street. But it's incredible how other need greaters & missionaries have gotten accustomed to life here. We're really impressed. We'll start out with the Gilead Couple: Jeremy and Bridget from Canada. Despite being young we feel as if they are our parents. I got sick...really bad...may have been something I ate or drank. I had 2 rooms to myself for more than a week...the bedroom and of course, the bathroom. Jeremy and Bridget called every so often to make sure I was ok. Our Special Pioneers: Anders and Pia from Denmark. Anders has been the one taking the lead in the Thai Sign Language group. He has to conduct all the meetings. And Pia sacrifices her husband to the group and has learned's all the more to be impressed. Then there's Julie...Ohio Gal. Been here 4 years going on 5. Another pillar in the group. Works full time and a regular pioneer. She's overcome many obstacles...and she's still rockin' it here in Thailand. Now Tiffany is from California. The sweetest person on earth...she should work for Hershey Chocolates...come on remember their motto? And a recent addition to the group has been a Japanese Couple...their cute...who has also come to help for the year. There's also Deena and Grace...Brooklyn Sign Girls. They've come to stay for a couple months and help us all out.

Last but least...the Thai Sign a bunch!!! The group is made up of young deaf, who the majority of them are not even publishers yet. But it's incredible to feel the energy, the zeal, the love they have for Jehovah and all spiritual things.

We had our first official party with the sign group on Sunday...what a spread! It was a goodbye party for Joanne...also from Cali...she's moving to another congregation in her neighborhood. Before it used to take her almost 3 hours to get to the meeting and to the territory...what a trooper. We had a great time...funny though it was the quietest party I've been to.

There is so much potential here. So many deaf. Just to think there is a huge need just in Thai language itself. We've also had the opportunity to preach with the English and Thai Congregation.

It's funny how you can pack so much stuff in just one month. To think we still got a way to go. And yes...we got to see the Super Bowl. Woke up at 5:30 in the morning...Met up with Julie, Deena and Grace. Had some steak, eggs, home fries, toast, coffee and OJ...the all American breakfast...Boy do we miss that!

We hope to find some time to get to the beach and see the sights of Thailand. We'll be making our Visa Run to Cambodia soon. The adventure still continues. We hope that where ever you find yourself you're giving yourself to Jehovah and preaching the ears off of everyone you meet.

Now you know where we've been....

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marilyn martinez said...

Hey! Nice apartment, nice brothers & sisters, and NICE FOOD!!!
Keep up the good work everyone. The time is drawing near & we need to get the good news going. The angels are hustling in service right along with us! It's good to hear & see our zealous brothers that are sacrificing their best all around the world. Que Jehova los bendiga siempre.

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