Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Our First Week

WOW!!! What a week....we visited the English & Thai congregation, the Thai Sign Language Group, The Bethel, found an apartment, got a phone, signed up for school to learn thai...was that all! We've had so many blessings since we got here...we've really seen Jehovah's hand.

The trip here was not bad at all we have to say. The view was beautiful. We had some entertainment provided on the plane...movies,tv shows,video games, music, food and snacks. So those 20 hours weren't as bad as we thought. The plane from NY to Hong Kong was overbooked. We were all tight...sardine tight. We had a layover of 30 min...we thought that would be enough time but not when you have to do security check all over again. So it was exercise time. We ran for it!!! And boy is that hard when you've been sitting for almost 16 hours. We did make it just before the doors where closing. Ahhh!!! This flight was empty. Everyone had an empty seat next to them...and yes, more food.
We took a cab with all our luggage...and was it alot. But hey, it's all we have left, for now. We grabbed a cab to the hotel...and here begins the festivities...we made it just in time for New Year sounded more like war, but we were so tired, we slept right through it all. Morning came and yes, we finally realized we were in Bangkok, Thailand. Time to explore. Got some breakfast...started our walk and noticed that the Kingdom Hall was right across the street from the hotel...Cool!!! We met Jeremy & Bridget...Canadians. They are currently serving in the Thai Congregation. What a pleasure they are...and funny too!

Our tour of the city kind off reminds me of New York...of course...keep in mind twice the traffic, people, food, cars, malls, motorcycles and yes...tuk tuks!!! Did I forget to mention elephants!!! They are so BIG!!! Especially if you're that close. Definitely not The Bronx Zoo. We admit...we really like it here. We have meet soooooo many different people from all over the world it's incredible the different nationalities you find here. We walked, walked, walked and walked. You get so distracted you don't realize how far you've walked until it's time to go back. We saw alot of translation businesses but would you trust them....See what I mean????

We did find this beautiful park...Jeff got to exercise for just 30 Baht an hour...$1 US. That's another thing...everything is soooo cheap here. Every $ 1 US = $34 Baht . So far we've paid: 8 nights of hotel, 3 meals a day for 2 for 10 days, bus fare, train fare for 5 days for 2, taxi from airport to hotel (almost an hour ride in traffic), taxi to and from The Bethel (30 min ride), our little snacks and necessities and yet have not spent any more than $350 give or take...I'm still in shock over that...a meal here: rice, meat, w/noodles and vegetables can cost you as low as 25 Baht...less than a dollar. We'll get over the shock eventually!!!

We did some ministry this week. It was very hustle and bustle. Searching for the English is not easy. We did find many Thai Deaf. Jeff got the opportunity to sign to some of them but the Thai Sign is totally different. Some know American Sign Language but other mix it with gets confusing. We did sit through our first Thai meeting...Ask us if we understood??? We would be lying if we said yes. We have decided to try sticking with the Thai congregation and at the same time learn Thai and Thai Sign Language and preach to the English...did you get that??? We're still trying to figure it out. It'll be fun!!! We hope.

Well trust us our adventures will surely continue...stay tuned!!!


Johnny Roman said...

Hey guys! Im glad all is well. Enjoy your mission, and please be careful!

-the kids said...

Great photos! Glad to hear things are going well for you! Getting used to tuk tuk and scooter rides yet? Much Love, Joel & Kelly

-the kids said...

Hey guys! We need updates! How ya doing? : D

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