Thursday, March 22, 2012

Where are they now?

Yesterday Kazakhstan and today, Kyrgyzstan! What? Where?

A bit of an update. We left off in Taiwan but since then we were taken to Hong Kong, Macao and China....for work. The cash flow was low. 6 month contract teaching English and learning Chinese in the city of Yinchuan. Not bad at all. Unfortunately, no access to our blog and so we disappeared.

But now, we're back. In further post, we'll talk about Branch Dedication, Thai group in Hong Kong, life in China and now our trip through the Stans...who?

We wanted to say that we hope you haven't given up on reading our blog. We have so many encouraging stories and pictures coming up. We miss you all and we'll talk soon.


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AJ and Jordanne said...

We're still following!! We look forward to those stories and pictures! Take care! :)

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