Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Friends...please prepare for take off.

Yes, we're still alive. One year later....where has the time gone. You're all probably wondering what happened to us. Well, we've had our ups and downs...literally.

We've stepped over boundaries from Myanmar to Vietnam to the Philippines to Malaysia to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau onwards to mainland China. First Deaf baptized. Need great work in another country and so much more.
Where do we begin?

We're now writing from Hong Kong. We've left our beautiful temporary home of Krabi, Thailand to look for work. Yes, that's where China falls in. We'll be there for 6 months. On the way to Hong Kong, we stopped over to Taiwan for the District Convention in English and meet up with an old friend...Omar. It was great to see all the brothers and sisters that have answered the call to serve where the need is great and learn the Chinese language so fast. Although there is a growth in the English and Chinese field, they had just made an announcement for classes for Taiwanese Sign Language. Also, that very week we were there, they had started a Vietnamese and Indonesian group. There is also one indigenous language that is translated at the Taiwanese Bethel for the benefit of a few ol' timers in Taiwan. What a loving provision.

Here's some of Taiwan for you...

to be continued...


sweet older sister said...

Very happy to hear you are alive! and kicking, serving Jehovah faithfully inspite of your ups and downs....

from a sister in Temecula, California.

Anonymous said...

Aww we miss you guys. The pictures are awesome, Taiwan is so beautiful. It's so good to hear about the new groups there also :-) Enjoy China and try not to forget that pasa thai!

Take Care,
Deena n' Grace

A.Edwards said...

Great Blog. I'm a rookie Needgreater

your Brother

Anonymous said...


Mi nombre es Em y soy de PR, disfruto muchísimo su blog, es muy animador lo que están haciendo. Realmente los considero una pareja intrépida, asi que espero que Jehová bendiga cada uno de sus esfuerzos.

Jeff and Meli said...

Em: Como estas? Gracias muchisimo por su comentario, lo apreciamos de todo corazon. Una preguntita, en que parte de PR estas?

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